As we look toward the third quarter of 2019, DataLink’s Evoke360 platform and expert management team continue to collaborate with hundreds of thousands of providers and health plans to simplify shared risk strategies and encourage continued adoption and engagement in value-based care. DataLink has created extraordinary momentum by gaining over 10 million lives and over 100,000 providers on our platform.

DataLink will continue to focus on the three most common shared challenges.

  • Strengthening the care model: Patients need to understand the healthcare system and develop stronger relationships with their primary caregiver. There is also a need for more transparency in respect to cost, needed steps, covered benefits, and expected impact for all parties to move forward. Providers need to understand the health plan’s regulatory requirements, care philosophies, governmental mandates, and visual intelligence to improve care pathway design and quality.
  • Data transparency and actionable steps: There is so much noise and big data talk. Data needs to be delivered in quick, credible, secure ways that are as close to real-time as possible. Simplification of bilateral data sharing is a special skill set of DataLink. DataLink is developing easy-to-use visual tools that ensure point-of-care intelligence, without impeding the provider-patient relationship.
  • Thought leadership and engagement: DataLink’s goal is to share our thought leadership and executive-level reporting on performance, warning signals, care, quality, risk, and network collaboration.

We look forward to working with you and your team to create transparency, be a thoughtful leader of change, ensure engagement is meaningful to all participants, and continuously strive to enhance the care model.