Download “Ensuring Service Providers Deliver on Their Value Promise”

DataLink Software (DataLink) is thrilled to announce the release of our white paper, “Ensuring Service Providers Deliver on Their Value Promise,” demonstrating how a national health plan customer’s adoption of our solution brought a return-on-investment (ROI) of 5:1.

FTI Consulting analyzed data on the use of DataLink’s platform to show that it facilitates end-to-end population health management for payers, ACOs, provider groups and health systems that have entered the Medicare Advantage (MA) market and aspire to provide superior, high-quality care to their patients and members.

Powerful Infrastructure

DataLink’s infrastructure supports the secure exchange of patient data as the client migrates from disparate sources to our secure solution, as well as how our analytics and reporting capabilities normalize claims, lab and pharmacy data from provider and payer systems to provide views into critical patient care needs.

FTI Consulting’s methodology, data and testing can show if vendors are delivering actual value for their clients. This is particularly important of MA plans. 

Medicare’s focus on value-based reimbursement has gained urgency as the program’s costs rise. In 2020, there were 61.7 million Medicare beneficiaries, and total expenditures were $858.5 billion.

Vendor Management Program Support

The components of our effective vendor management program include 1) financial accountability to help clients understand the value proposition of a platform, 2) strategies employed to increase value and 3) how to create a process to measure return, including translating platform usage statistics to value.

Thanks to FTI Consulting, DataLink now has statistical support to show clients and prospects that investment in our platform is a sound financial decision, and we have a methodology in place to measure platform performance as new features and functionality are added to the system.

Download the “Ensuring Service Providers Deliver on Their Value Promise” white paper.