Given today’s complex market dynamics, healthcare providers play a critical role in not only enhancing the patient experience, but also improving health plan performance. Barriers, such as physician resistance, can be overcome by building a comprehensive data strategy that improves transparency and helps every stakeholder understand the healthcare organization’s objectives.

Toward that end, provider organizations should prioritize interconnectivity of multiple work streams around safety, quality care and patient engagement to enhance the overall patient experience. Solutions that create a more effective and efficient work environment can make all the difference by enhancing interoperability, reducing costs, improving quality scores and ensuring risk adjustment accuracy.

The goal of a browser extension, a feature of DataLink’s Evoke360, is to simplify healthcare navigation, manage government program requirements and improve provider communications across the healthcare ecosystem.

What’s more, our solution will play a key role in response to the CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Proposed Rule by helping plans in Medicare Advantage, Medicaid FFS, Medicaid Managed Care and QHPs in the federal marketplace to offer consumer access to plan and claims information and disseminate claim and plan information.

CMS Interoperability and Patient Access Proposed Rule

On target to take effect on Jan. 1, 2020, health plans must prepare to be in compliance for this proposed rule. This requires technical infrastructure and capabilities for providing all the required information, including fast turn-around of aggregated information and look-back information on each member.

A streamlined process should be designed to connect providers and payers.  This is where Evoke360 keeps providers on track with what is needed by the health plan and government while helping them to improve care.

DataLink’s Evoke360

With the addition of the Evoke360 browser extension to our solution platform, we now enable providers to access all data from a single source, improve workflow and provide exemplary patient care.

Key advantages of our browser extension include:

  • Sits on top of any web-based EHR
  • Uses patient matching when on top of an EHR to pull the correct patient and their relevant data
  • Sends alerts to providers within their existing workflow
  • Eases workflow and provider administrative burden by eliminating the need to toggle between different platforms

The Evoke360 browser extension optimizes the way information is shared, enhances how programs are implemented and improves care delivery. It eases workflow and provider administrative burden by eliminating the need to constantly switch between different platforms, further streamlining the pathway to improved patient outcomes.

Optimized Efficiency, Better Connectivity

Evoke360 provides insights to expedite the transformation to value-based contracting and risk-sharing for providers and their partners. Providers receive alerts within their existing workflow so they can remain compliant with all interoperability rules and regulations.

This robust solution illuminates operational and clinical efficiencies, enhances connectivity, moves clinical quality metrics and supports risk adjustment accuracy. Most importantly, it creates patient engagement to drive better health outcomes and the best possible economic performance.


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