Improving Value-Based Care Program Performance with People, Process and Technology

A growing number of healthcare organizations now embrace the transition to value-based care as an opportunity to combat rising healthcare costs and focus on preventative care. This is particularly timely amid promotion of value-based programs from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a way to reduce overall costs and improve quality care for Medicare beneficiaries.

Gaining accurate identification and documentation of chronic conditions is essential to patient health, safety and the reduction of medical costs. However, success will depend upon partnering with a healthcare technology company that offers expertise on value-based care data analytics, interoperability, submitting supplemental data, point-of-care tools and network management of physicians. All of these factors deliver significant ROI.

DataLink Software (DataLink) is uniquely positioned to support stakeholders throughout the healthcare ecosystem. Evoke360, our data aggregation platform, effectively enables providers to identify open care gaps for proactive closure. It also provides payer-agnostic data to inform clinical, quality and risk adjustment programs for improvements in quality and risk adjustment scores, as well as patient outcomes. Evoke360 improves value-based health care, linking finance and quality.

Through our world-class Evoke360 solution, DataLink is an industry leader in:

  • Identifying and closing gaps in care
  • Capturing and re-capturing hierarchical condition categories (HCCs)
  • Reducing chart chasing
  • Provider transformation & enablement
  • Fostering health equity by identifying social determinants of health (SDOH)

Timely Data Enhances Patient Outcomes

In today’s uncertain healthcare environment, there is some concern that data-driven healthcare systems will only result in mountains of data that further bog down efforts to provide high-value care. The reality is that data-driven healthcare can help providers to truly move toward a value-based, patient-centric system that delivers better care for all.

Our solution aggregates value-based care data from many disparate sources and systems, including primary care provider notes, pharmacy claims, lab results, wearables, specialist visits and more, and makes it available in a timely manner to provide a holistic and real-time view of the patient’s healthcare journey. This single source of information is readily available to everyone involved in a patient’s care: health plans, providers and the patients themselves.

Moving Quality Measures Forward

Evoke360 can ease management of quality by using analytics to prioritize patient populations, harnessing electronic health records (EHRs) to reduce reporting lag, providing EHR extraction and data standardization using Continuity of Care Documents (CCDs). We also use telehealth to drive care delivery, generate patient and provider scorecards and improve provider engagement and incentives.

Through the aggregation of data, users gain real-time data transparency and patient-level drill-down dashboards. These dynamic dashboards also provide collaboration opportunities to break down departmental silos across the organization.

What is driving value-based care?

The key to value-based care is to tap into meaningful data and technology applications to efficiently manage patient-centric care that results in improved outcomes and lower costs.

How does value-based care reduce costs? Our value-based model facilitates high-touch, prevention-focused care that is holistic and patient-centered now to prevent the need for far more expensive care down the road.

Our quality improvement programs can systematically collect information from providers or patients with the aim of assessing the quality of care provided to improve provider performance, treatment outcomes and efficiency. The result: better outcomes for patients and a better financial situation for primary care providers.

To learn more about how to improve operational performance, care delivery and patient outcomes, download DataLink’s white paper, “New Perspectives in Value-Based Care: Improving Quality Measurement and Reporting in the Age of Pandemics.”