Last Friday night, I was privileged to attend the Indiana University Kelley School of Business graduation ceremony. There were a lot of well dressed, intelligent students walking across the stage about to take on the first stage in their careers. Kelley Business School speakers talked a great deal about being humble and having tenacity. Both words are perfect for all of us to embrace in healthcare. Healthcare is tricky because there are so many players, rules, and cultures involved — the federal government, state governments, health insurers, hospitals, physicians, and patients. Each has a very different perspective and budget to monitor individual health and wellness. How can we make everyone happy, or at least involved as we move populations to better health? This is the challenge. Right now, the United States has the costliest health care system and yet we are about 37th in quality In 2017, the United States spent nearly $3.8 trillion on healthcare

As we look to disrupt the U.S. healthcare system, we need to take on a humble and tenacious approach. Our first steps are to improve health literacy, move to value, engage the physician and the patient in wellness and prevention, and create integrated and easy ways to care for people with multiple chronic conditions.  At DataLink, we embrace humble tenaciousness and have proven our commitment to the healthcare community with the highest adoption rate for a payer agnostic provider value-based transformative platform.