Interoperabilty in healthcare

DataLink Launches Browser Extension for Improved Interoperability


By Kimberly Marselas

Published by McKnight’s Long-Term Care News

DataLink Software, a solution meant to enhance interoperability, reduce costs and improve quality scores, has added Evoke360 to its platform. The browser extension enables providers to access all data from a single source, improve workflow and provide better patient care.

“It eases workflow and provider administrative burden by eliminating the need to toggle between different platforms, further streamlining the pathway to improved patient outcomes,” said CEO Kevin Steele.

Evoke360 works with any web-based EHR and uses patient matching to pull the correct patient and their relevant data.

“The way in which the Evoke360 browser extension operates is similar to the popular Honey browser extension, which matches online shopping sites to valid coupons,” Steele said.

Evoke360 provides insights to guide and expedite the transformation to value-based contracting and risk-sharing for providers and their partners. The browser extension can send alerts to providers within existing workflow, helping them meet care plan and regulatory requirements.