What is going on at DataLink during Medicare Advantage bid season? Our Evoke360 platform integrates total costs, quality, risk adjustment, and provider network metrics, in addition to tracking value-based transformation. Evoke360 shows the wellness of the population, the engagement of the provider community, and the financial performance of the communities, so we are the perfect partner during bid season. With Evoke360, you can model reimbursement models, re-image payment transformation from lessons learned, and project how new benefits may perform. DataLink helps MSOs with contracting metrics and reconciliation, and health insurers align their vision for the 2020 calendar year successfully with the right products and supplemental offerings.

DataLink Engaged Providers

We can also highlight the most engaged providers using heat maps and those sharing risk and impactful value contracts.

Vision is important, but vision founded on facts and the ability to influence and track critical metrics converts to success.