MSOs are popping up everywhere impacting clinical strategies, physician specialties, and micro-segmented populations. ACOs may need to transform into a different version of an MSO or IPA (we’ll see how this ACO application season goes). DataLink has developed an incredibly easy way to interact, onboard, support, engage, and guide MSOs to operational and clinical excellence.



Here are a few of our philosophies and best practices for MSO success.

DataLink’s MSO philosophies are:

  • If we make the patient’s life easier, we will ultimately make the physician’s world better and therefore create a better version of a health insurer.
  • MSOs are really “health communities” who need line of sight for every care step, for every provider, and in every setting.
  • We must continue to connect, integrate, and innovate to make the first two goals happen consistently and continuously.

DataLink’s MSO best practices on moving philosophies to actions:

  • Improve high-risk patient care through: 1) thoughtful identification; and 2) creating easier access to an optimized care plan.
  • Expand access to care: work with and expand your traditional network to create telehealth options, extended hours, and support scheduling to ensure convenient, timely care.
  • Reduce avoidable readmissions and ER use: first, you must define, track, and realign your network and care teams to focus on this. Plus, you need to get daily discharge data to better manage post-acute care and follow-up. Ensure your intelligent, enabled care platform can be utilized in the home and with SNF care provider’s EHR/EMRs.
  • Identify and close missed care opportunities: ensures better preparation for the visit, couple HEDIS, STARS, risk adjustment, prevention, wellness, social, and behavioral to-dos in your point-of-care workflow. Evoke360 does this with minimal “clicks.”
  • Improve patient satisfaction: this will keep patients’ adherent and move them toward better outcomes. Ensure patients are retained by their current medical groups under a comprehensive care plan to improve their health.