New Perspectives in Value-based Care Series: Improving Risk Adjustment Accuracy for High-Risk Members

Designed for Risk Adjustment Accuracy: Advance the Transition to Value-Based Care 

Approximately 6 in 10 adults in the United States have a chronic condition and 90% of the nation’s health care expenditures go for people with chronic and mental health conditions. 

Given the importance of chronic disease prevention and care, more healthcare organizations are embracing the transition to value-based care to combat rising healthcare costs and focus on preventative care. A data-driven approach can provide a comprehensive view of the patient’s care journey.   

Read “New Perspectives in Value-Based Care: Improving Risk Adjustment Accuracy for High-Risk Members” to gain insights on value-based care and improved risk adjustment accuracy for high-risk members. 

Key Takeaways:

  • DataLink’s Evoke360 value-based care enablement solution effectively enables providers to identify open care gaps for proactive closure and provides payer-agnostic data to inform clinical, quality and risk adjustment programs for improvements in quality, risk adjustment scores and patient outcomes. 
  • Our comprehensive payer-agnostic solution captures data from disparate sources, allowing 360-degree visibility into the patient’s health status. 
  • Real-time insights align the payer, provider and patient with one solution that proactively closes care gaps to ensure a complete health status for improvements in care delivery and health outcomes.  

Our solution enables accurate identification and documentation of chronic conditions for improved patient health and safety and reduction of medical costs.