EvokeSmartVisit Increased HCC Recapture Rate for Large Network Provider Group

High recapture rate improved healthcare performance and patient outcomes  A large network provider group representing nearly 300 provider practices, 800 clinicians with 300,000 patients faced an uphill battle: their health assessments did not accurately align to the conditions of the patients, leading to misdiagnosis and a hierarchical condition category (HCC)

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DataLink’s Effective Risk Management Program Delivers Value for Clients, Including 5:1 Return-on-Investment

Download “Ensuring Service Providers Deliver on Their Value Promise” DataLink Software (DataLink) is thrilled to announce the release of our white paper, “Ensuring Service Providers Deliver on Their Value Promise,” demonstrating how a national health plan customer’s adoption of our solution brought a return-on-investment (ROI) of 5:1. FTI Consulting analyzed

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Improving Value-Based Care Program Performance with People, Process and Technology

A growing number of healthcare organizations now embrace the transition to value-based care as an opportunity to combat rising healthcare costs and focus on preventative care. This is particularly timely amid promotion of value-based programs from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as a way to reduce overall

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New Perspectives in Value-Based Care: Strategies for Improving Risk Adjustment Accuracy for High-Risk Members

Read “New Perspectives in Value-Based Care: Improving Risk Adjustment Accuracy for High-Risk Members” to gain insights on value-based care and improved risk adjustment accuracy for high-risk members. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, approximately 6 in 10 adults in the United States had a chronic condition and 90% of the nation’s

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Empowering Value-Based Care Through Interoperability

By Josh Hetler Published by: Medical Product Outsourcing Health IT adoption has accelerated rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic, with hospitals, health systems, and patients turning to digital health technologies for care delivery. This shift lays the groundwork for ongoing growth and innovation in 2021, as well as advancements in electronic health

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Adopt Strategies for Value-Based Care and Long-Term Sustainability in Post-Pandemic World

Optimizing Interoperability

By Josh Hetler Published by: Patient Safety & Quality Healthcare In today’s challenging healthcare environment, hospitals, health systems, and providers that want to remain sustainable are securing their financial footing by moving toward value-based models and embracing technologies that provide the most efficient high-touch care. Tapping into operational efficiencies and

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Telehealth flexibilities continue and ACOs are held harmless under public health emergency extension

Telehealth flexibilities

By Susan Morse, Managing Editor Published by: Healthcare Finance Wednesday is the deadline to comment on NCQA’s Telehealth Module in Health Plan Accreditation to integrate telehealth with other care modalities. With the public health emergency extended to April, providers get additional time to use waivers for telehealth and other flexibilities.

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Clinical data connectivity solution: Offset pandemic impact, improve quality measures and reporting, facilitate shift to value

Effective Clinical Data Connectivity Solutions

By Josh Hetler, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing Published by: DOTmed News The COVID-19 pandemic has left many hospitals and private physician practices struggling financially, and underscored what academic and health policy experts have said about fee-for-service (FFS): it is inefficient and incentivizes providers to do more than necessary

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