Today is a day for reflection, appreciation, and commitment. We all should take a moment to be grateful to those who serve this country—firefighters, the military, police, doctors, nurses, teachers and those who govern us. Today is a day when we should be thankful and share our gratitude with others. A day to recommit to impacting our communities, supporting others, and creating hope for the future. We talk about being purpose-driven and servant leaders; today hopefully we design our next year, our next task, and our next hire, to ensure we are serving others in our daily roles.

As you go forward today and want to complain, feel overwhelmed or look for the bad in the world, I personally am humbled by the service of others and will strive to bring that energy, commitment, and passion to improving healthcare, its access, its quality, and its outcomes.

Let’s all re-center, refocus, and strive to do more; strive to be true servant leaders of healthcare.