A Quick Florida-based Case Study

As we see varying success in ACOs and MSOs, we wanted to better understand our impact. We sat down with one of our most engaged MSO clients in Florida and noted the following impacts between years one and two.





  • ER usage went down by 13%
  • 87% improvement on top quality measures
  • STARs predicted improvement 0.25
  • Risk adjustment score accuracy hit 95% from a clinical coding perspective and the base on premium impact improved by 4.38%

Looking at our MSO, IPA, and ACO clients and partners we see the following:

  • Reduced costs
  • Improved quality
  • Increased visit rates with primary care physicians
  • Improved prescribing cost-efficiency
  • Improved patient referral management and cost reduction
  • Unnecessary ER visits reduction
  • Hospital admissions reduction
  • Better coordinated care transition and discharge planning
  • Improved identification and closure of care gaps

DataLink’s Evoke360 can provide the one-source of truth needed for ACO and MSO success. Our goal is to drive continuous improvements over time to ensure value-based success.