At DataLink, we take our partnership with health plans, ACOs, MSOs, in-home evaluators, medical groups, physicians, and patients very seriously. We grew up being the best at data aggregation and being experts in transparency and performance metrics management.  DataLink ensures value-based or at-risk providers not only have all the tools to be successful but a landscape to showcase their excellence.

This blog is a place to share tips, strategies, regulatory updates, and thought leadership around reducing the cost of care, streamlining care delivery, improving quality metrics (HEDIS, STARS, and QRS), improving risk adjustment accuracy, and helping all populations better navigate care.

We want to make it easier to live a healthier life, access care, get the right prescription, communicate with the partners in the healthcare industry, exceed expectations, understand regulatory policy impact, and feel confident in your clinical, operational, compliance, and administrative healthcare decisions.

DataLink is your partner in empowering and enabling care and evoking value-based actions.