DataLink partners with healthcare organizations to simplify the transition to value-based care. 

By aggregating data from disparate sources, the Evoke360 population health management solution delivers a 360-degree view of the patient and uses intelligent analytics to identify care gaps and closure opportunities for quality and risk adjustment.

Who We Help

DataLink’s Evoke360 empowers better healthcare and team collaboration with real-time data that inform actionable insights for patients in any care setting, simplifying the care journey and improving quality of care.


Evoke360 enables data-driven proactive care gap identification, transparency, interoperability using nationwide data from multiple sources and workflow improvements that drive care coordination for value-based care and shared risk arrangements. 


Empowering over

10 M


Enabling Over

80 K


Analyzing over


Billion Claims

Avg. Improvement in Risk Score Accuracy

5 %

Average Quality Score improvement

25 %


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