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Accurate, actionable data available on one platform

DataLink serves as a partner to federal agencies for military service members and veterans as well as state agencies for Medicaid and Health and Human Services to simplify value-based care.

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Why partner with DataLink?

Succeed in value-based arrangements by leveraging scalable, data-driven solutions that integrate with EHRs to access accurate data that improves financial and operational performance, quality care, and optimized health outcomes.

Capture more complete diagnoses, document services to close care gaps, and ensure more appropriate reimbursement.

Align with our best-in-class solutions that help you enhance revenue capture and reduce leakage.

Prepare for and respond to changes to risk adjustment.

Understand and identify the social determinants of health in the communities in which beneficiaries live to ensure that quality healthcare resources can be accessed by everyone.

Together, we can transform the delivery of value-based care, improve the health of populations and lower the cost of care.

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