Improve quality performance with actionable data insights to close gaps in care

Our quality measurement and reporting tool analyzes HEDIS®, Star Ratings, state-specific Medicaid and other quality initiatives to review and close gaps in care prospectively, at the point of care, as well as retrospectively. 

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Provides actionable data insights for benchmarking and comparison at the provider, population and member levels to determine provider performance in your network across various measures.

Dynamic reporting allows you to filter and drill down to detailed views by quality measure, cut points/thresholds for Star Ratings, member detail, trend analysis, provider location, and more.

Provides intelligent insights into quality initiatives including automated workflows that include calls to action and identifying why a member is currently failing a measure.

Streamlines the process for gap closure and ensures quality performance improvement.

Quality attestation workflow allows users to submit supplemental member data with supporting documentation to close gaps retrospectively.
Medical record exchange capability allows users to upload member records for review by others and utilize them to close gaps in care.

Close gaps in care and improve quality performance.