Robust financial analytics that delivers actionable insights to meet today’s healthcare management challenges in value-based care models

Our actionable insights help stakeholders to improve cash flow management and profitability. Financial data analytics integrate customer data and patterns to increase user understanding of financial health and its impact on potential future performance. 

Evoke360 rockerbox

Eliminate a multitude of spreadsheets and automate manual processes to improve decision-making and effectively manage financial performance.

Designed for finance and medical economics teams, our solution manages complex risk arrangements with intelligent reporting to instantly view financials adjudicated for every condition of every risk contract.

Track and monitor trends for MLR, enrollment, utilization, referral patterns, member outcomes, and provider performance.

Access and integrate data in any format and from any source. Our solution navigates complex clinical and financial data to manage shared financial responsibility.

Our proprietary algorithm for predictive analytics identifies and targets patients at risk for adverse events, allowing you to act upon and avoid preventable costs.

Risk ledger manager allows you to quickly produce financial reconciliation and provider payment summary for individual providers or provider groups.

Start improving your business performance.