Meet Eric Gutierrez!

Quote from director of finance

Describe what you do at Datalink - in your own words

I manage the accounting function at DataLink.

What do you like most about Datalink?

Every great company is made up of great people, and there are a lot of talented, hard-working people at DataLink.

Which DataLink value is your favorite? and Why?

Act with Integrity & Respect

Integrity and respect are the foundation of everything we do and hope to achieve together. Without it, nothing else matters.

How do you put this value to work in your worklife?

Integrity is key to any member of the finance team as stakeholders with the company put their trust in us to deliver timely and accurate financial information. I work with the team to ensure we deliver on-time reports and valuable insights.

What makes you feel most valued at DataLink?

I appreciate that open dialogue is encouraged at DataLink. You really get the sense you’re working with hard-working, committed team members up and down the organization who’re ready to collaborate as challenges arise.

What has been the best part about working at DataLink?

It’s been great seeing the company grow and evolve over a short period of time. There’s a real energy here among team members that’s motivational and encouraging.

How have you grown at DataLink?

Working with a lot of talented people has allowed me to grow in my role.

How has Datalink helped you in your career development?

I’ve worked with great leaders who’ve helped me hone my own management skills and grow as a finance leader. It’s clear our leaders care about their teams and everyone’s development. There’s a clear commitment to growth and development at DataLink.

A little about you...

Please provide us with a personal quote.

Do or do not, there is no try.

If you had to tell your 15-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

Persevere and keep on trucking.

Any random facts you could share with us?

I was on a dream vacation to Barcelona once and nearly run over by one of their notoriously quiet trams while distracted by the beautiful architecture.

How do you define success?

Success is measuring you against yourself. Have I made improvements over time? Am I better now that I was before? You’re the ultimate measuring stick.