Helping hospitalists: 6 steps for driving transparency and tracking utilization

Creating action from chaos can be problematic especially when there is limited transparency in patient admits and drivers. With more than 80% of hospitals using hospitalists, a hospitalist group can help reduce the provider’s burden by assisting with patient care navigation and coordination in the hospital and post-discharge.

With hospitalist groups juggling requests from health plan leadership, real-time data is critical in order to support quality of care, patient safety and satisfaction, and costs.

6 steps for hospitalists

Here are six steps that hospitalists can take to drive transparency while tracking utilization and patient outcomes:

  • Track admissions, discharges, transfers and readmissions of patients using electronic health records and census information
  • Evaluate disease burden and document HCCs in the hospital setting
  • Monitor condition improvements by documenting calls to patients
  • Document claims creation/storing documentation
  • Improve care team collaboration by allowing access to documentation and billing for the payer, primary care provider, hospitalist group and managed service organization
  • View real-time data, customizable reports and dashboards

Payers and hospitalists can follow these steps to ensure that the proper care plan for the patient is followed to improve post-acute care and reduce the possibility of readmission.

Evoke360: Improving patient care in the hospital and beyond

DataLink’s Evoke360 enables hospitalists to access all data from a single source, improve workflow and provide exemplary patient care. A true game-changer, the technology is designed to optimize the opportunity to change and improve the way information is shared, programs implemented, and care delivered. It eases workflow and provider administrative burden by providing a 360-degree view of the patient and proactively identifying open care gaps at the point of care, further streamlining the pathway to improved patient outcomes.  Evoke360 sends hospitalists alerts within their existing workflow, keeping them on track with health plan and government requirements while helping them to improve care.

DataLink currently serves hospitalists groups contracted with the largest national payers.