Meet Giap Vo!

Describe what you do at DataLink - in your own words

I’m a reports developer II that works mainly with populating the data that comes from the clients into our database system to display to the clients with SSRS reports. I help create and maintain those reports also.

What do you like most about DataLink?

I really enjoy DataLink and all the connections I’ve made here. I’ve learned a lot from all my coworkers, managers, and the executive team. Everyone here at DataLink is always quick to offer any assistance when needed.

Which DataLink value is your favorite? and Why?

Engage & Grow Together

We all have our set of skills that we’re proud of and being able to share and explain these skills has helped me a lot to grow and expand my knowledge. This has allowed me to be more confident in tackling complicated problems and then presenting them. Also, when we engage and grow together, it makes working more enjoyable when we can share our accomplishments.

How do you put this value to work in your work life?

I’m always engaging with coworkers on matters where I need to learn and also helping others when asked or when I see there is an opportunity for me to help. I like to dig into projects to try and learn more about the company and how people work here. I believe this helps me grow to be a better employee and it lets me involve coworkers to share the knowledge.

What makes you feel most valued at DataLink?

I feel valued from the confidence others have in asking me for help or asking to help complete projects. Even if it’s known that I’m not strong in certain things, I feel my coworkers have confidence in me to contribute to the solution.

What has been the best part about working at DataLink?

The best part about DataLink are the people that work there. They make the days go by faster and there is a genuine trust among my coworkers that is hard to duplicate.

How have you grown at DataLink?

Personally, I’ve learned how to manage people and time more efficiently. I was put in a position to lead and that gave me some valuable experience where I can utilize in my personal life.

How has DataLink helped you in your career development?

DataLink has encouraged me to train in new technologies where I can apply to my current knowledge. DataLink has also let me lead and understand different people’s work styles. This has allowed me to be more patient and also allowed me to see a different views to solve problems.

A little about you...

How did you first learn about DataLink?

I first learned about DataLink through a recruiter. He was describing the work environment and the people that worked there and that is what encouraged me to move forward into trying to get employed with DataLink.

Best vacation you’ve been on?

The best vacation I have been on was when I went on a tour of four countries in Southeast Asia. I went to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, and Indonesia. I learned so much from my experience in all of the countries. The excellent food and tours let me see some things that I would never have experienced if I’d never went.

Tell us about your favorite travel spot and why you like to go there

Chicago is one of my favorite cities to go to. I have experienced so many different things there. I try to go there once a year and every year something new and exciting happens. I have a lot of friends up there, so that is another reason it is one of my favorites. It lets me catch up with them and enjoy our time together.

How do you define success?

I define success as being happy in life. I believe if you’re happy, it drives you to make everyone around you happy also.