Meet Vanessa Mitrani!

Describe what you do at DataLink - in your own words

As a member of the software engineering team, I work on developing new features, fixing defects, handling deployments, and completing items to maintain our Evoke360 code base.

What do you like most about DataLink?

I really like the flexibility at DataLink as well as the people I get to work with. It’s a fun environment where we work as a team to solve problems.

Which DataLink value is your favorite? and Why?

Deliver Results is my favorite value because it feels very rewarding to be able to complete work items that significantly improve client workflows.

How do you put this value to work in your worklife?

Each day I like to set goals to finish tasks in a timely manner. When issues arise, teammates are willing to collaborate, so that we can reach a solution together.

What makes you feel most valued at DataLink?

Having supportive colleagues that value me as a teammate and collaborate through complex work items.

What has been the best part about working at DataLink?

The best part for me has been completing challenging work items where I get to improve my skills further.

How have you grown at DataLink?

When I started at DataLink, I was a junior developer still learning about programming. After shadowing my teammates and working through many different items, I’m now much more confident with my work as well as with helping others with their work.

How has DataLink helped you in your career development?

Ive ‘been able to get experience working through many different full stack work items, handle deployments and upgrades, and use newer technologies. We also get the opportunity to use Udemy and LinkedIn Learning to improve our skills further or to learn new topics.

A little about you...

Do you have a nickname?

Yes, Nessa.

Please provide us with a personal quote.

Always strive to become better each day.

What are 3 words you would use to describe DataLink? Please tell us why you chose those words

There is a good work-life balance where the hours are flexible.

We have fun company events where everyone enjoys hanging out.

We often upgrade our applications and get to use newer technologies.

If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Teleporting because I would love to travel the world and also visit family and friends more often.

Tell us about your favorite travel spot and why you like to go there.

My favorite travel spot is my hometown in Brazil. I love visiting my family there, eating the food, and enjoying the beach.