3 benefits of Evoke360’s automated EHR data extraction

Hospitals, health systems, and payers have faced a number of key technical challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, including the inability to send and receive patient data, issues related to electronic health record interfaces and failure to effectively extract EHR data.

In fact, over 40% of hospitals report that public health agencies are unable to effectively receive patient data, which impacts the way COVID-19 is reported and treated. Nevertheless, interoperability and patient data exchange are critical for minimizing the spread of the coronavirus, overcoming reliance upon data silos and ensuring that care gaps are quickly resolved with a single source of reliable information.

To help address this tremendous need, the Evoke360 population health solution offers innovative capabilities as a one-source, payer-agnostic platform that enables providers to rapidly access, extract, and electronically export patient data from a meaningful use-certified EHR to a continuity of care document.

Enhanced clinical decision-making

Evoke360 enhances provider workflows and clinical decision-making, virtually eliminating human transmission errors from faxing and uploading documentation for supplemental data and closing care gaps in near real-time. For payers, greater accuracy and a dramatic reduction in data extraction time rapidly closes gaps in care improving patient outcomes, positively impacting HEDIS® scores and CMS STAR ratings.

This innovative solution achieves these goals with secure, electronic transmission of a patient’s vital medical information, which is especially critical during the COVID-19 pandemic. Given today’s enormous healthcare challenges, payers and providers recognize the value of seamless, automated patient health data exchange and its contribution to overcoming issues related to transparency and communication.

Actionable insights

Evoke360 regularly extracts data created in a provider’s EHR to provide a patient’s full clinical history and actionable insights on diagnoses, open care gaps, inpatient/outpatient visits and prescriptions at the point of care. Evoke360’s CCD file extraction eliminates the 30-60-day lag from claims systems to close care gaps, creates action plans and drives bi-directional communication between the payer and provider.

Our nation’s healthcare system needs what Evoke360 offers: optimized care quality, reduced administrative burden, enhancements for value-based care and improved financial performance and communication, with visibility into all health plan operations in one point-of-care solution.

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