DataLink Software’s Evoke360 Enables In-Office and In-Home Care

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Premier healthcare technology company enhances its point-of-care solution for all providers and all settings


Tampa, FL — May 21, 2019 — DataLink Software (DataLink) the leader in value-based healthcare technology solutions has enhanced its point-of-care solution and connectivity. DataLink’s Evoke@Home and EvokeSmartVisit enables physicians and caregivers, whether in the home, skilled nursing facility, wellness fairs, retail centers or in the provider’s office. The Evoke360 point-of-care solution details clinical conditions, pharmacy scripts and usage, laboratory tests and values, gaps in care, social needs, quality, HEDIS, and risk adjustment metrics.

The Evoke@Home and EvokeSmartVisit are comprehensive assessment tools that support all types of providers and staff consistently for every visit.  DataLink’s goal is to ensure physicians have a complete health profile of the member, and the member has the guidance he or she needs to navigate the next steps in their care plan. DataLink also understands that many patients are cared for primarily by a specialist such as a cardiologist, oncologist, rheumatologist, or nephrologist and that a complete health record is critical for establishing the health status and care plan for all patients

“Evoke360 is the one source of truth for the physician, health plan, and patient,” said Kevin Steele, Chief Executive Officer of DataLink. “Evoke@Home and EvokeSmartVisit make closing quality and risk gaps easier and addresses social determinant needs. These solutions allow physicians to spend more time with their patients addressing their needs and concerns.”

Evoke@Home and EvokeSmartVisit intelligently highlight demographic, clinical, risk, and quality data. Physicians can access the solution using their EHR, smart phone, or any mobile device.

“Today, EvokeSmartVisit enables visits with over 7 million Medicare Advantage members and Evoke@Home enables over 600,000 visits at home, stated RaeAnn Grossman, Chief Growth Officer.  “Every day we are empowering better health, enabling more physicians, and improving health outcomes. DataLink works with two of the three largest national health plans, several regional health plans, and over 1,200 MSOs, IPAs, health systems and medical groups.”

Evoke360 is a premier point-of-care enablement platform with the highest adoptions in the marketplace and extraordinary industry impacts, such as:

  • Readmission reduction of 17%
  • Admission reduction of 23%
  • Emergency room visit reduction of 9%
  • SNF stays reduction by 8%
  • Increased Star Ratings, HEDIS, and quality scores
  • Improved accuracy in risk adjustment scores and clinical documentation

Consistent intelligence across the care setting makes a real difference in the cost of care and improves quality scores, risk adjustment accuracy, and patient care plan clarity.


About DataLink Software

DataLink Software is a healthcare technology company that empowers better health through real-time data aggregation from disparate sources and systems, illuminates value-based performance transformation and management, and simplifies the next steps in the care journey by enabling an intelligent point-of-care solution for provider types across all settings. For more information about DataLink Software contact