Evoke360 Solution with Provider Relations Management Module Smooths the Transition to Value-Based Care

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Aggregates real-time, point-of-care data to improve patient outcomes, impact quality and risk adjustment scores and enhance provider financial viability


Tampa, FL — June 30, 2020DataLink Software (DataLink), a leading solution to enhance interoperability, reduce costs, improve quality scores and ensure risk adjustment accuracy, points to the key advantages of Evoke360 and its Provider Relations Management (PRM) module, enabling providers to make the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care. Evoke360 serves as a point-of-care solution, aggregating data from disparate sources to accelerate preemptive patient care that closes gaps in care to treat more than the diagnosis results.

“As the healthcare community scrambles for accurate, timely and virtual strategies to improve patient care, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Evoke360 not only enhances the quality of care and patient outcomes, but also impacts quality and risk adjustment scores that increase profit margins and give provider organizations a competitive edge,” says Phillip Giarth, director of product strategy, DataLink. “Evoke360 offers real-time, payer-agnostic data insights to allow a 360-degree visibility into the patient’s health status based on information from EHRs, HIEs, claims, labs, pharmacy and hospital sources. Empowered with this data, providers can more readily identify open care gaps for preemptive closure and positively impact clinical, quality and risk adjustment programs.”

This comprehensive population health management solution supports a multitude of stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem, including payers, providers, accountable care organizations (ACOs), provider groups and managed service organizations (MSOs). Users gain real-time data transparency and patient-level drill-down dashboards that advance collaboration opportunities to break down departmental silos across the organization.

“With provider management expanding into the MSO space, Evoke360 aggregates information in critical areas of network management, credentialing and roster management,” adds Giarth. “At the payer level, the same management and engagement is required, with an additional level of cohort analytics by individual, state or region. Our comprehensive solution offers transparency and creates a seamless transition of data from various levels in a way that makes it accessible to all departments.”

To optimize provider outreach and patient engagement initiatives, patient engagement managers can rely upon Evoke360’s PRM module to provide actionable data from claims, labs and pharmacy. This enables health organizations to prioritize outreach efforts with targeted messaging that improves provider alignment and drives measurable outcomes.

Giarth points to DataLink solutions as technology to help stakeholders tackle the tumultuous changes occurring across the U.S. healthcare system, adding, “Our solutions help physicians provide the most efficient, high-touch care possible and gain a more secure financial footing in today’s uncertain environment.”